How To Get Instant Access To 150 Unique & Original Bootcamp Workouts

By Garry Robinson

Dear Outdoor Personal Trainer,

Are you looking for fresh new training ideas that remove the stress from preparing group training sessions?
If so, read on to discover the secret of intelligent program design used by over 10,000 professional bootcamp instructors in 20 different countries.

About Me

My name is Garry Robinson. I’m a Fitness Bootcamp Specialist, Strong First kettlebell instructor and Crossfit Endurance coach with over 9 years fitness industry experience.
I’m also the founder and head coach at Kaizen Outdoor Fitness - the world’s largest online community of professional outdoor personal trainers and bootcamp instructors.
Over the years, I’ve personally conducted more than 2000 group training sessions; sometimes leading groups of up to 60 participants in a single session.
And during that time I’ve worked with hundreds of independent gym owners and personal trainers.
Here’s what I know about you…

1. You Are Struggling To Find Time To Plan Training Sessions
Planning a group workout properly takes up as much time as actually delivering one.
That’s a huge time demand. Because even a part time trainer will offer at least 2 or 3 bootcamp sessions a week.  Finding 3 hours of uninterrupted thinking time to prepare sessions is difficult, if not impossible.
Especially if you are already working two jobs and raising a family.

2. You Are Stuck For New Ideas
The problem is, today’s personal training certifications teach an obsolete career model based on swapping your time for money one client at a time.
You may be a qualified personal trainer, but no one taught you how to design and deliver workout programs that train groups of different fitness levels and abilities.
Creating bootcamp workouts that match the goal of your program is both art and science. You must choose an appropriate drill for each workout and make sensible exercise selections for that drill. 

3. Your Clients Don’t Turn Up To Training Consistently
Make no mistake; we are in a results business.
These days, people know exactly what to expect from a fitness program. You can’t just mix and match drills at random and expect them not to notice.
Your clients may appear to be uncommitted. But to them, it’s obvious when you’ve been winging it and cutting corners:
Hastily made-up and untested drills never flow smoothly

Sessions don’t finish on time

Careless exercise selection makes them sore in some parts of their body and not in others

They leave feeling disappointed that they haven’t had a proper workout

What you really need is a varied, yet intelligently-designed group workout program that delivers predictable results and takes virtually no time to prepare.

Bootcamp Workouts Based on Science
There are basically 5 training modalities that address your client’s top fitness goals:
Endurance helps us to resist fatigue, leading to increased energy levels

Aerobic training gives us that feel good factor - sometimes known as runners high

Interval workouts produce a hormone stabilisation effect that helps combat stress

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is known to have a positive effective on the metabolism; a pivotal factor in fat loss

Strength training reduces joint pain and is important for muscle growth

I spent years studying the science of group fitness programming (known as general physical preparedness or GPP) - and blended it with hundreds of creative drills used by professional sports team coaches to create a library of bootcamp workouts that are...

Simple: Easy to implement in your training group straight away

Unique:  Provide an exercise experience that lets everyone know you are a professional

Profitable: Bring more money into your business with the same or less amount of work

Effective: They work for everyone. Regardless of age, ability or fitness level

Relevant: To your clients fitness goals

Fun: Fun for your clients so they keep on coming back. Fun for you as their trainer

Fitness Industry Benchmark

The electronic field manuals presented below are now widely regarded by fitness industry leaders as the gold standard for group outdoor personal training and fitness bootcamps.
When trainers start deploying the workouts, they find themselves with free time to start doing more of what they love.
They gain confidence to charge more money because they know for certain that the programs work.
And they notice their clients becoming more and more committed to training regularly.
As a result, they end up with a rewarding fitness lifestyle business that makes a real difference to the health & fitness of their community.

Why Is This Important?
I believe that exercising outdoors in a group is the most effective cure for modern lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension, decrepitude and depression.
Research backs this up. A 2011 study1 concluded that exercising outdoors has a greater effect on physical and mental wellbeing than exercising indoors.
We all love someone whose quality of life is being impacted right now by these preventable illnesses. As professional trainers and coaches, we can do something about it.
My goal in publishing these field manuals is to make it easy and rewarding for you to offer a fun and effective group outdoor fitness program to your clients.

Now You Can Do It Too
Invest in one or more of the manuals below and you will find planning and creating bootcamp workouts of your own extremely quick and easy.
You will come to understand the principles behind intelligent program design for groups and your clients will reward your commitment by making more referrals.
Furthermore, many trainers tell me they notice an instant response from their clients as they become more committed and begin to look forward to every session as a new experience. 

How To Order
1. Click any of the orange BUY NOW buttons below to begin your purchase

2. Add more manuals to your order by clicking the Continue Shopping button and selecting another manual. You can update or remove items from your shopping cart as you go

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The Bootcamp Workout Ideas field manuals are currently being used by trainers all over the world to build some really awesome and super-successful fitness bootcamps.
Freshen up your training program today with hundreds of world-class ideas designed to save you time and stress.

To your success,

Garry Robinson

Journal Reference:
   1. J. Thompson Coon, K. Boddy, K. Stein, R. Whear, J. Barton, M. H. Depledge. Does Participating in Physical Activity in Outdoor Natural Environments Have a Greater Effect on Physical and Mental Wellbeing than Physical Activity Indoors? A Systematic Review. Environmental Science & Technology, 2011; : 110203115102046 DOI:


Bootcamp Workout Ideas Volume 1

50 original workouts scaled for all fitness levels. With insider tips straight from Australia’s top military and civilian PTIs. Literally thousands of hours in the field have been condensed into the most effective bunch of group workouts on the market today.

Each workout has a unique structure and flow, and includes the essential ingredient that ensures all participants finish this workout together. It is this esprit de corps that makes us all feel good afterwards and keeps clients coming back for more.

Forget about spending hours trawling the internet looking for workout ideas. You've found what you are looking for.

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Bootcamp Workout Ideas Volume 2

50 more bootcamp workouts designed to shred fat and motivate your clients. These are slightly shorter, but more intense workouts that torch body fat without depleting muscle.

Coping with different fitness levels is one of the biggest challenges that group PTs face. If this sounds familiar to you, then relax. I already figured out heaps of strategies that make managing different fitness levels not only possible, but advantageous. Every individual in your group will be challenged by these workouts. No one gets left behind.

This e-Manual is my personal favourite. You are going to love the new ideas and advancements. Over 200 workouts were tried and tested on real groups of clients to select the 50 that are worthy of being in this e-manual.

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Bootcamp Bodyweight Workouts

Start a fitness bootcamp today! All you need are these 25 bodyweight-only workouts, some cheap plastic markers and a handful of inexpensive jump ropes. Exact timings for each drill are included, along with exercise progressions and regressions so that you look professional every time.

Train in the rain. You don’t have to cart dirty, muddy equipment around. The workouts are based entirely on bodyweight exercises and were specifically designed to be done in all weathers. Now you can train outdoors, no matter what time of year it is.

Make ‘bad weather’ irrelevant and join the handful of savvy trainers who have figured out how to run a highly profitable outdoor fitness business all year round.

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Bootcamp Boxing Ideas

For professional personal trainers who want to offer the best fitness boxing experience to their clients. Learn how to deliver boxing workouts to any size group using the same techniques that pro boxing coaches use.

Includes full instructions on how to create your own workouts, the 50 best boxing combos to use, and loads of new ideas for boxing drills and games - including 12 strategies for dealing with odd numbers.

This reference e-Manual represents over 5 years of research into what makes absolutely awesome fitness boxing sessions. No other resource or training available today is as thorough or complete.

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Bootcamp Boxing Workouts

Don’t let your client’s poor technique get in the way of a good workout!

These 25 group boxing workouts follow a proven formula that separates the teaching from the training. Giving you absolute confidence that each individual in your group will train at an intensity that is just right for them.

Little to no skill and co-ordination is required from participants during the main workout segment. And the self-limiting nature of plyometric bodyweight exercises enables individuals to train at a very high level of intensity relative to their ability – without the need for any extra equipment.

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Popular Programs

Learn how to offer money-back guarantees that will attract more clients to your fitness bootcamps. Popular Programs reveals how to create effective group outdoor fitness programs that deliver real results. And it includes 17 done-for-you programs that address the most common civilian fitness goals.

Save time, energy and money by adopting the most professional way to build a profitable outdoor training business – and start delivering scientifically designed, well thought out fitness programs.

(The programs refer to the workouts in Bootcamp Workout Ideas Volume 1 and Bootcamp Workout Ideas Volume 2.

BUY NOW $19.00 AUD
Customer Feedback...

“I’ve purchased quite a few manuals however I always seem to refer back to yours the most as I believe they are the best well planned sessions, and obviously tried & tested as they always work!"
Danielle Lyons, Personal Trainer

“I’m always on the go, so sometimes I need someone to take the hard work of thinking out, and I think you have just done this. This is one of the best books on Workout Ideas I’ve seen to date. Keep up the good work :)”
Sonia Sonda, Personal Trainer

“Hey Garry, I just want to start off by saying how much I love the Kaizen manuals – they are brilliant. So well put together with workouts that really work! They are my turn to resources when my imagination fails me and need ideas to keep it fresh and my clients on their toes…. I’ve bought others before which are nowhere near the quality in terms of content and form.”
Sarah Davis, Personal Trainer

“Hi mate, Just a quick email to pass on my positive feedback. I honestly love your workouts and, at a time when my life is ultra busy building a business, both your workouts and programmes ebooks have been a godsend. They have allowed me to focus more time on all the essential marketing and admin tasks that go hand-in-hand with building a good business.”
Rob Jones, Personal Trainer

“Hey Garry, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you are doing. You certainly make me look good in front of my clients. Everyone really enjoys the variety that I can bring with your help.”
Sharon Holman, Personal Trainer

“Hi Garry, I must THANK YOU for the amazing increase in clients, since implementing ideas from your workouts into my boot camps. The feedback has been fantastic, they love the sessions, they love the fact they leave knowing they have used just about every muscle in the bodies, and they leave with the hugest smiles because they have ENJOYED THEIR WORKOUT!”
Amanda Dawson, Personal Trainer

“Hey Garry. Thankyou for creating this program. It has made me so much better as an instructor. It has given me a whole new set of ideas to train my clients with.”
Ben Weier, Personal Trainer

“Hi Garry. Just wanted to let you know that I bought your entire bundle and I’m loving your work.  Great video’s and fabulous structured programs.  I’m especially enjoying the boxing and have changed the way I structure my class now and it has worked a treat.. Keep up the great work!”
Angela Gawthorne, Personal Trainer


Rock-Solid, 100% Risk-Free, Success Guarantee

Investing in any of the world-class field manuals presented here will earn you back at least $200 per month in new income gained by implementing the ideas. To me, that equates to attracting or retaining just one bootcamp client for every month you use these workouts. You are likely to do way better than that – but this is the bar of success for the guarantee.
If you implement the workouts and put in a good-faith effort to follow my advice, I will refund your money if they don't work for you. You have to let me know if this happens, and I have to refund your money promptly. This is a rock solid, 60-day guarantee. If you believe your purchases will not make a positive impact on your PT career anytime in the next two months, just tell me why and you get all your money back.